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Cryptobuyer Launches Venezuela’s First Bitcoin Satellite Node
Bitcoin satellite node in Venezuela provides the region with always-on access to the Bitcoin network
Cryptobuyer une fuerzas con Mega Soft
Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies market opens with Mega Soft / Cryptobuyer alliance
Liquid and Cryptobuyer
Cryptobuyer and Liquid, part of Quoine Group Inc, have signed a strategic collaboration agreement that includes the integration of Liquid's “Quick Exchange” instant swaps system on the exchange's web platform and payment systems Latin American.

April 6, 2020, 3:09 p.m.
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Thousands of confirmed cases, hundreds of deaths and the spread to the 5 continents of the planet have given 2019 nCov the classification of a pandemic. Faced with this situation, thousands of corporations and companies have decided to send their workers to their homes, in an attempt to stop a further spread of the virus that could compromise more lives.