Dec. 2, 2018, 1:59 a.m.
11 steps to improve personal finances

Personal finance is one of the most interesting topics for most people, and if your personal finances are in order, living with ease becomes easier. We have grown up in a consumer culture where we concentrate on spending money as soon as it reaches us, and it seems a mistake to have reserves of money instead of objects in our possession. The truth is that money (in any presentation) is necessary to cover our needs, from the most basic to the most capricious. 

Now everyone talks about digital assets, how to invest in the most effective and intelligent way, of market types, but the truth is that if we do not have money to invest then how do we do it? From Cryptobuyer we want to break with the myth that having a positive balance in our finances is a sin, that's why we give you these 11 practical tips to immediately improve your personal finances.

  1. Set an amount of savings, even if small: Prevention is what makes people rich. Accumulating wealth is a multi-step process, and the first is to save your money and invest it wisely. Do not waste all your money maintaining a lifestyle, save and invest to have an extraordinary lifestyle. From your monthly budget allocate a number and allocate it to savings, invest and enjoy the income of your investment while continuing to increase your capital with continuous savings. 
  2. Do not spend what you do not have: Debts are like liquid money in your hands, it escapes. The longer your debts are, the more money you will end up paying, sometimes up to four times the original value, so by preventing you avoid having to resort to loans and, therefore, avoid having debts. True financial independence is based on being able to use your money when, where and in what you want, without the restrictions that a debt can cause. Avoid debts by making savings funds. 
  3. Spend less than you earn: When you spend less than you earn, you have money left over for emergencies, you do not get into debt and you do not worry about paying with money you do not have. This is a fundamental step to achieve your financial stability. Control the impulse to spend all you have and concentrate on how to make more money than you need. 
  4.  Learn about personal finances and manage your money: To be able to effectively manage your money, educate yourself about personal finances. Most people have their money just to spend it and do not plan on making personal finances grow and one of the main characteristics of true financial freedom is having money at hand and this can only happen if you really have it. . Learn about personal finance, read, research, search for information, apply it and check your results. You can make your finances grow. 
  5. Think beyond your job and invest: Your wealth will not increase significantly only with a monthly salary. Think beyond your job and invest, start, look for growth opportunities, do not sit waiting for things to happen, you can make them happen, also, we all have a dream beyond our jobs, what do you expect to achieve ?. 
  6. Establish financial priorities: Having a limited vision of what to do with money also limits the flow of it. Having a well-paid and stable job is not enough to have financial independence. It is important to know what we want the money for (well-being, satisfaction, the house of our dreams, fun). Make a list of your financial priorities so that you reduce your expenses, automate the savings and increase your liquidity. 
  7. Love your work and you will see results: When we work on what we love we do it without sacrifices, without fatigue, we do it because it makes us happy. If this is not the case, the work becomes tedious, without real performance. By working on what you love, your effectiveness will be reflected in your results and you will receive more money than you expected because your work will be of quality. Work on what you love or love your work so you can see results in your personal finances. If you do what you love, the money will come to you alone, believe us. 
  8. Financial success is based on perseverance: The great fortunes were not made in a single successful business or from one day to the next. If you hope to get rich with the lottery you probably spend your whole life frustrated. In personal finances, perseverance is the most important thing. Everything needs time to be made and concretized, especially your personal fortune. Forge your patience while waiting for results and have discipline to maintain your habits, your goals and the daily actions you require to achieve them. Everything needs time to be made and concretized, especially your personal fortune. 
  9. Do not be afraid of what they will say: Only committed and determined people are successful, and in finance it is no different. To increase your money you must be 100% committed to executing the plan you design, regardless of what your friends say, how much you should cut your budget or even if you must sell that good you love so much. Do not fear what they will say and take away that fear of advancing towards what you have always dreamed, since some small sacrifices today will be a huge reward tomorrow.  
  10. Create and maintain good financial habits: Stay on the right path to financial security throughout the year. An annual budget will help you with those expenses that are made once a year for which you should be prepared. Increase your savings by creating funds where the money is revalued. Start a specific savings for December gifts, birthdays, trips, making a small monthly savings. The money you do not touch is as if it did not exist and you will not be tempted to spend it.
  11. Always keep an emergency fund: We are rarely prepared for the common emergencies of life: an accident, illness, home repairs, vehicle repairs, and when they happen, you usually have to go into debt to get out of trouble. Always start and maintain an emergency fund for those unforeseen events in life, so you will avoid getting into debt to pay for them.

The important thing is that you adapt these tips to the rhythm of your life, no matter how much money you start a long-term financial plan, the important thing is to start and stay attached to the plan.


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