Nov. 5, 2018, 12:18 a.m.

The cryptocurrencies have shown that they are more than a simple boom, more than a fad and that they are definitely here to stay. Every day there are more people who acquire them, plus the businesses that accept them as payment methods and more the benefits that the fiduciary currencies offer to the population.

Even after the "fall in bitcoin prices" in the first half of 2018 people continue to bet on this type of digital currency, however for some it is still not very clear which are the cryptocurrencies, how they are used and what are their real advantages compared to what we know as traditional finance (banks, cash, stocks in the stock market, among others).


This new century brought with it the mobile applications, which made the possession of so-called smartphones practically indispensable, so the use of blockchain technology or block chain (which is the technology on which the cryptocurrencies are based) It becomes viable in a world where every day more people connect daily through their phones to carry out actions of daily life, such as being updated with the news, buying online, talking with other people, educating formally, even now They make medical consultations through mobile applications, without the need to move to a physical location.


In Cryptobuyer we believe that cryptocurrencies were born to change the way our finances move, they are the evolution of fiduciary money and for many people they are the solution they have been waiting for all their life, that's why we show you 11 real advantages of using cryptocurrencies . 

  1. Cryptocurrencies avoid fraud: Much is said of cryptocurrencies, that if they are to launder money, if they are for fraudulent business. The reality is that cryptocurrencies are legal money, and among its many advantages because they are digital in nature they are not falsifiable. A procedure can not be revoked by the sender by mere whim or intention of swindle. Once a transfer of funds is made, enter the chain of blocks and verify the authenticity of the transaction in a matter of seconds on a global online platform that involves more than 2 million viewers at the same time. 

  2. The liquidation of the assets is immediate and economic: When we acquire or sell an asset, usually (whatever the nature) it involves third parties in bureaucratic processes to verify the property rights of those involved that delay, which in turn brings high fees. The chain of blocks is a huge database of property rights online, which reduces time and costs, so transfers of digital assets is immediate and is worth only a fraction of administrative costs of what the transfer is worth (purchase - sale) of traditional assets.
  3. Access to money without the need of traditional means: Not all people have access to bank accounts, at least 2 billion people do not meet the banking requirements and can not access their services, so cryptocurrencies are the ideal method that includes all people in the legal exchange of money.
  4. Much lower costs: As it is not necessary to sign contracts, fill out forms, generate checkbooks, plastic cards and various physical devices for the exchange of money, the costs for use and transaction are only a fraction of what traditional media charges for these services.
  5. Cryptocurrencies are 100% owned by the user: Cryptocurrencies not being owned by a third party can not be frozen at the discretion of a third party, as is often the case with traditional media, avoiding the bad moments of submitting to scrutiny to demonstrate the use of our money. The cryptocurrencies have a public and private key corresponding to the purse where it is stored (it is like having money in the physical purse, if it is there, it is mine, and nobody can show that it is not so without a due verification process).
  6. The transactions in cryptocurrencies are global: Payment in cryptocurrencies can be made from anywhere on the planet and from any device with internet access. Transactions in FIAT currencies are complicated if you do not have a bank account of the same currency, it entails high administrative expenses and not even 1% of the world population has bank accounts in all fiduciary currencies. Transactions with cryptocurrencies facilitate not only the sending of international money, but the trade of goods and services, breaking down the barrier of currency changes. If you are a person who works with companies or clients abroad, cryptocurrencies can be as viable a payment as Pay Pal type systems, and often have even a lower commission.
  7. The process with cryptocurrencies is very simple: In general, monetary transactions with traditional media involve many steps prior to the settlement of funds in the destination account. You need to give a lot of personal information that many people for protection would prefer not to provide. With cryptocurrencies the process of transferring and liquidating funds is very simple: you only need to scan a QR code (a unique graphic code that is scanned with the camera of any device) or enter the address of the purse to which you want to send the cryptocurrencies, click on send and go. The destination address will immediately have its funds without the need for confirmation wait in clearing houses. We recommend that when you go to make a transfer of funds verify very well the destination address and the amount of cryptocurrencies to send, since once the transfer of the funds is made it is irreversible.
  8. The privacy of users is guaranteed: Transactions with cryptocurrencies protect the identity of the user. Anyone can see the funds and transactions of an address, however the identity of that user is not known, unless it is revealed during a purchase or for other reasons. This is one of the reasons why good practices should be adopted, such as that addresses are used only once (in some portfolios, HD calls, there are several addresses for the same user). The process of transactions with cryptocurrencies, contrary to what is believed, is quite transparent. All transactions are recorded for life in the blockchain or chain of blocks, which is a digital accounting book in sight of any person, so money laundering is unlikely, because although the identity of users is protected during the transaction, in the origins of the portfolios and exchanges if the complete data is available.
  9. Remittances are faster to send: The important technological and telecommunications advances transformed the sending of remittances, from a market that used money orders, to another current market dominated by electronic transfers, which reduce costs and time to reach remote areas that are difficult to access. The process of sending international remittances by traditional means can have a time of liquidation of funds of up to a week depending on the country. Usually the traditional process is as follows: Who sends the remittance goes to a foreign exchange agent, where he undergoes different exchange rates and high costs for administrative expenses, then who sends the remittance must wait for the exchange agent's confirmation of having transferred the funds (there are exchange agents who have a period of up to 72 hours to settle the funds to the destination bank account), then whoever is going to receive must wait a period of up to 72 more hours for the funds of the remittance to be settled in their bank account (this varies according to the country), so if the shipment of the remittance is an emergency it could not be solved immediately, because they would have to wait up to a week in the liquidation of the funds. The cryptocurrencies allow access to the network to 4 billion people who have no possibility of operating with banks, credit cards or other means of payment and need to make remittances, export and import goods, etc. Thus, they can operate through the internet or a mobile application to make those electronic payments and other operations, and they would avoid waiting for the liquidation of the funds. Cryptocurrencies are a fast and secure option for online funds transfer immediately
  10. Through the mining process anyone with a computer and the internet can access to make money by mining coins: Mining is the process that helps cryptocurrencies work as planned, protecting your network against attacks, reinforcing it and confirming transactions, and on the other hand, it is what keeps introducing new currencies. Mining is the process by which the transactions made are added to the registry book, through the chain of blocks or blockchain. The software forces the system to complete complicated calculations and if everything goes according to plan, the miners are rewarded with criptoe at the end of each process completed by the miner. Mining is done through powerful computers that are available to anyone who has the resources to acquire them and it is profitable while the electricity is economically sustainable. We recommend doing your previous research, but usually, the miners make a profit from their investment in a period not very long.
  11. The cryptocurrencies preserve the purchasing power in inflationary systems: Most of the main cryptocurrencies have a definite total supply that can not be altered by any central bank or authority of any country, which promotes its value to increase over time, unlike the FIAT currencies, which are controlled by banks central countries, which can produce inorganic money at its sole discretion, triggering inflationary processes. Cryptocurrencies in countries with high levels of inflation are a stable reserve of value and a hedge against sustained increases in prices in the local fiduciary currency, since the value of cryptocurrencies is calculated in stable fiduciary currencies, such as the dollar, and this value is referred to the last amount for which it has been negotiated in one of the main exchange houses or an averaged amount among several of them. What users should look for are secure platforms where they can protect their fiduciary money by buying or selling cryptocurrencies and secure wallet services where they can guarantee the proper management of their digital assets.

The truth is that cryptocurrencies were born to meet the needs of those who for one reason or another can not or do not want to opt for traditional financial services, is a real market of billions of dollars a year that aims to solve more than simply sell.


Finally, we recommend that you look for platforms that offer the greatest security against financial fraud, that have stability and recognition of their users, that verify transactions within the broader international legal framework, and that protect your money.


Look for platforms that have the best rate of change in price - value, not always the best is what it costs less. Search platforms that take care of your data.


When making a transaction with someone verifies your business history, it is preferable to be cautious than sorry.


Locate wallets or purses with good reputation and good security controls, to protect your digital assets. Did you know that the thefts that have been documented with cryptocurrencies have never been to the source that generates them but to companies that were dedicated to keeping these digital assets ?, That's why we insist: Protect your assets in a safe place, the same can happen with The bench….


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