4 steps to start a business successfully

May 22, 2019, 11:46 p.m.
4 pasos para emprender un negocio con éxito

All the big companies in the world have something in common: they started with an idea for a business. The reasons are several: tired of receiving orders (it is the most common), another entry of money, a dream to make, a goal to achieve. Origins of business are several, however, what most of the entrepreneurs express is that many of the ventures are not completed, the question of the million is: why? ...

An idea can be the beginning of a project that can become a millionaire businessman, but one idea is not enough. The most important thing for a successful endeavor is a business plan. No project is successful if you do not have a clear path that has to be done to achieve our first sales, whether products or services.

But what is a business plan?

A business plan is a document that establishes the details of your business. In this document It should be all kinds of information about your business: what your business will sell, what its structure will be, how the market will look and see in the coming years, what will be your plan to sell the product or service and where, what will be the necessary financing, what are your financial projections and what permits, rents or other documentation you will need. This plan helps you prove (to the rest of the people and to yourself) if your business idea is worth it or not. This helps you to evaluate your idea integrally and solve problems that may arise in the future, even before starting your venture.

Why is a business plan important?

A business plan is used to find investors, financial loans, know the viability of your business. Even to know if your initial idea of ​​business should be transformed into something else. The business plan is the route you must follow to get the results you expect.

From Cryptobuyer we believe that development comes with entrepreneurship, so we want to help you succeed in what you have in mind. Next, we give you 4 steps to start creating a successful business plan:

Defining the commercial and geographic area of ​​our product or service: The first thing we must define is in what commercial area we are going to develop: textile, financial, food, industrial, automotive, hotel, entertainment, technology, etc. We must know if what we want to sell has customers. This step will give you the necessary information to carry out an objective market study (DOFA Study: Weaknesses, Opportunities, Strengths, and Threats) with results that really work for you.

Name of the company or brand: The first thing that people will associate with what you are going to do is the name you will give them. Many times we have a name that we think is great, even everyone who introduces it, and someone already uses it, then comes the disenchantment ... pfff ... broken dream and we abandon ... The search and registration of our name Entrepreneurship should be the first stage of our business plan. History has taught us that the names of the brands that stand out are those that have history with the birth of the company: ADIDAS comes from Adolf (Adi) Dassler (das), COCA COLA comes from the mix of its ingredients: Coca Leaves and Cola Nuts, CRYPTOBUYER comes from its main business activity. The name is as important as the business itself since it is the first thing that people will associate.

Definition of mission and vision: This is perhaps the part that most entrepreneurs skip. It is what gives coherence, authenticity, and originality to a brand. If vision and mission are undefined in the mind of the entrepreneur it is easy to deviate from the path and end with disappointments. A correct develop the Vision and Mission is fundamental, as these will help us to create new, innovative and important goals to be able to become what we want to be. This is the way it is done:

Mission: Describes the activity, and this is key in the organization for the achievement of its vision. It is the fundamental reason for a business and the greatest long-term goal. It's why you create entrepreneurship. But how concrete my idea? Answering these questions you can find a solution:

1) What do you want to offer?

2) Why do you want to create this business?

3) What is the user profile you want to attract?

4) What business image do you want to communicate?

5) What factors determine the price and quality of your products and/or services?

6) What relationship will you have with your employees?

7) What is the differentiating aspect that makes you stand out from your competition?

8) Can our business be really competitive?

Vision: It is the DREAM, the aspiration of the brand in the medium or long term, it is the future image of how you want the company to be. The purpose of the vision is to be the engine and the guide of the organization to be able to reach the desired state. Answering these questions can help you define it:

1. How will your company be in a few years?

2. What are your short, medium and long-term goals?

3. What will be the key values ​​and attitudes of the company?

4. What do you want the people of your company to think about in the future?

5. What aspects to grow would you like to achieve?

The Logo and graphic identity: You already have your name, your market research, your mission, and vision, now you have to concretize it visually. It's time for the "LOGO", which is the visual representation that will tell absolutely EVERYONE what you do and how you do it, that's why it's so important. Many entrepreneurs don´t believe it is so important to pay for the design of their graphic image or do not have enough money to pay for the professional services of a good designer. It is essential that you achieve an image that reflects what you really do, how you do it or at least how you want to do it. If you have a low-quality logo the public will associate your brand with low quality and lose confidence in what you do. If you have a logo with high Quality will make it easier for the public to trust in your brand. The logo should not be handled alone, there is a whole series of elements that must be shown so that your brand has a corporate "quality". This is called a graphic identity manual. Several free resources can help you, however, we recommend the use of professionals that carry your brand where you want and do not waste time. Something important in this aspect: The logo should not only "like you", but it should also make your target audience fall in love.

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