Know Cryptobuyer Pay, the payment solution in cryptocurrencies for business

June 24, 2019, 4:49 p.m.

know CBPay

A washing machine technician, a professional who dictates courses online, a construction company or an online company can perfectly receive payments in crypto directly to their personal wallet. But then must change their crypto through an Exchange to FIAT currency. With Cryptobuyer Pay we accelerate this process, doing it immediately for our affiliates, eliminating the gap of lack of knowledge about how the crypto ecosystem works. The only thing our affiliates must do is register on our website, request the activation of the service and that is it. One of our commercial advisors will proceed to contact you and proceed to the activation, training of your personnel in charge of managing the service and configuration of the account.

Cryptobuyer Pay is easy to use for the employee or service provider and also for the client. With a friendly interface, the payment process is very fast and simple. Affiliate enters the customer's email and the amount to pay. Then the client scans the QR code from his personal wallet and pay, the payment is confirmed in a matter of seconds and that's it. The payment is credited to the affiliate's account and will be settled in the affiliated bank account in no more than 48 hours.

Remember that no matter the size of your business, from a large corporation to an Instagram store, any business can opt for our Cryptobuyer Pay service. In Cryptobuyer we develop services that facilitate the life of our users. Register your business here and request activation of the service.