We installed the first Bitcoin ATMs in the World in a Commercial Bank

June 20, 2017, 8 p.m.

Cryptobuyer, a digital asset connector focused on the Latin American market, was present at the second event of the Panamanian Association of Fintech www.panafintech.com, which took place in the main facilities of Banistmo, second largest bank in Panama.

During the event, the CEO of the company, Jorge Farias, was part of a panel of experts which discussed the scope and applications of blockchain technology to more than 300 people from banking, finance and the general public.

For first time in the world in the facilities of a commercial bank, Farías showed along with Cindy Zimmerman, CEO of Tigo CTM and Ira Miller of @Guldcoin, both technological partners of Cryptobuyer, two state-of-the-art Bitcoin ATM machines that also handle DASH digital coin, the receptivity of the assistants that lined up to test the equipment was enormous. It is planned the installation of more than 10 of these equipment in all Panama and the rest of South America by Cryptobuyer in a first stage. One of them will be in the facilities of City of Knowledge.


Daniel Diaz, Global Business Developer for Dash was also present on the panel exposing the advantages of this cryptocurrency, which is considered one of the most promising and that Cryptobuyer has integrated to its list of supported currencies with great acceptance.

Yari Romero, CIO of CBChains.com, a consulting firm specializing in VC, Startups and consulting Blockchain was on another panel, and highlighted the power of the Distributed Ledger Technology for private companies, giving practical examples of how they can optimize and save costs in the operations of large companies.

Alejandro de La Torre from BTC.com of the Bitmain group and provider of digital wallets for Cryptobuyer was another of the luxury guests arrived directly from Amsterdam, and showed the audience how fast and easy is to have a digital wallet and your own bank in 5 minutes. De La Torre presented more than 100 gift codes redeemable in the application by Bitcoins, which was a pleasant and exciting surprise for the attendees.

Felipe Echandi from Quanto, a mobile application that seeks universal access to digital payments regardless of whether people have a bank account or credit card and also Founder of Panafintech, was host to the panelists among which Alejandro Palomar from Blockchain 360 Solutions gave a super-sweet explanation of Blockchain and Glenn Tjon from KPMG talking about the impact of this technology on organizations.

After the panel discussion, Cryptobuyer announced the acceptance by the City of Knowledge of its request to join the Campus of that organization, in which more than 180 companies and organizations of world class work, such as the UN, Copa Airlines, IESA and Hewlett Packard.

City of Knowledge is a technology and innovation campus of more than 120 hectares located in an old military base of the United States, located in front of the Panama Canal. Cryptobuyer will have its main offices and will develop Blockchain Academy Latam, where it will offer education, training and certifications to individuals, companies and organizations from Latin America and the world, about the most disruptive technology since the creation of the same internet. More info at www.blockchainlatam.org.